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Fa Guang extends sincere thanks for your trust and understanding. To protect your legitimate rights and interests and to remove your worries, we provide following services

1. Purchase Guidance
We can provide a wide variety of machines, such as the die cutter, film laminator, slitter rewinder, flexographic printing machine, rotogravure printing machine, paper slotting machine, paper cup making machine, etc. Customized machines are also available. Based on wide product varieties, we offer professional purchase guidance for you.

First, you should determine the raw material, specification, working speed and the price of the machine you want to procure, and we will offer your relevant guidance.

Second, as our product types are divided into common type and economical type, we will recommend appropriate machine according to your actual needs and purchase cost.

Third, if you have special requirements, our technical department can design machine according to the model machine drawing you provide.

Fourth, products are generally delivered within 30 workdays, and it may take us 40 workdays to produce relatively larger machines.

2. Customization Service
If our existing products cannot meet your needs, we can provide custom-made non-standard products for you. Product logo can also be customized.

a. You should inform us of product information, such as product usage, raw material, specification, configuration, color, etc.
b. Optimal solution will be devised by us according to your requirements.
c. After obtaining your permission on our solution, we will arrange business accounting and quotation, and then send quotation list to you.
d. We will sign contract with you once both parties reach an agreement on the quotation. Then, we will procure raw materials and arrange production.
e. Rigorous quality tracking, supervision and inspection are performed by us during production to ensure product quality.
f. Inspection is implemented before product delivery. Components, quick-wear parts and product manual will be sent along with products.
g. As our company is adjacent to Ningbo, our products are usually dispatched from Ningbo Port.

3. Instruction Manual
Instruction manual is attached with delivered products. We can also assign engineers for on-site product debugging if required, and the expenses produced therefrom (such as salaries, board and lodging expenses) should be on your account. If you want to learn about machine debugging in our factory, our professionals will provide you guidance.

4. After-Sales Service
a. Customer's information is filed so that we can provide better follow-up service.
b. 1 year product warranty is offered. For components damaged within warranty period, we will timely send you new ones on condition that you pay for courier fees. For product damage beyond warranty period, we provide maintenance service if only you can pay for our service.
c. In the course of product application, we will do the upmost to help you from difficulties by e-mail, call or video.
d. If remote communication still cannot solve the problem, we will assign professionals for on-site service provided that you can pay for their salaries as well as board and lodging expenses.

5. Technical Support
With years of experience in this industry, our specialist R&D team is always committed to product perfection and new product development. Our ardent technicians will offer technical support based on your request.