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Welcome to Fa Guang! Sited at Ruian of Zhejiang Province, our company has been committed to design, production, sales and service of printing machinery since 2008. Our remarkable products have been highly praised in India, Indonesia, Middle East, Africa and many other countries and regions.


Assembly workshop for rotogravure printing machine
The production and assembly workshop on the first floor is mainly used for machine assembly as well as production and processing of partial components. Our corollary equipment includes creasing machine, bending machine, swing-type driller, etc.


Our office on the second floor is divided into different departments, such as administrating department, R&D department, sales department, finance department, etc.
We are manned with 1 factory manager, 1 assistant manager, 2 financial employees, 2 salemen for domestic business, 2 salemen for foreign business, and a number of staff responsible for product research, development and quality inspection.

Production Equipment
  • Creasing machine for creasing carton boxes
  • Swing-type driller for drilling square holes

We have various kinds of production equipment, such as creasing machine, bending machine, swing-type driller, milling machine, grinding machine, etc. Regular equipment maintenance and examination are performed to ensure production quality.

  • Aluminum roller mandrel
  • Warehouse

The warehouse on the first floor is used to store raw materials and components. Employees in certain quantities are in charge of warehouse management and scheduling.


Usually, we adopt plastic film for product packaging. Other packaging materials can also be specified by customers.


For large quantities of goods requiring container carrying, our forwarder will send containers to our factory, and our specialized workers take charge of goods loading. For small-volume bulk goods, our forwarder will be totally in charge of goods delivery.