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Company Profile

The FA GUANG Machinery Factory is a professional supplier of high-performance gravure printing machinery and flexographic printing machinery. As a large-scale Chinese manufacturer, we maintain an enormous inventory with up to 16 product categories including popular selections such as the die cutter, film laminator, slitter rewinder, flexographic printing machine, and rotogravure printing machine. Our flagship products include the paper slotting machine, paper roll die cutting machine, and the intermittent rotary roll die cutting machine. Also recommended are the single and double PE coated paper cup forming machines. These products are often used for purposes such as label fabrication and soft plastic packaging. OEM service is provided upon request.

Our company was inaugurated in 2008 within the Dongan Industrial Zone of Rui’an City. Our experienced developers can design customized machinery in strict accordance with client requirements. A diverse range of advanced technology is infused in the making of our high-performance equipment. For instance, we utilize both dual-frequency debugging control and vector inverter control. A high-precision correctional control system ensures shearing accuracy to guarantee production integrity.

Our competitive prices can be attributed to production and distribution experience. Over the years, we have established long-term cooperative relations with a select number of trusted suppliers and logistics companies. Raw materials and components are procured primarily from local sources, further reducing expenses while enabling convenient maintenance and repair services. This arrangement allows us to provide essential services before receiving actual payment. Our close proximity with the ports of Ningbo and Shanghai makes for inexpensive logistics. We operate strictly from an industrial zone to significantly reduce production costs.

Our department of quality assurance is responsible for the inspection of all products prior to shipping. This entails the supervision of the packaging process to ensure all components are included. Approved products are photographed and documented to enable full warrantee and repair privileges. Our foreign trade representatives are duly notified after the products have been shipped. Information such as the shipment date, machine configuration, and the list of accompanying components are recorded meticulously to enable easy troubleshooting. For instance, a damaged component can be conveniently replaced after ascertaining its model and make.

As a mature and responsible enterprise, our company invests significantly in the annual training of foreign trade representatives. Through various activities, we are able to enhance operational capacity, trade knowledge, and service integrity. Customer satisfaction is undoubtedly our highest priority. We strive to promote a brand that is trusted by customers worldwide!