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Cake Tray Making Machine

The cake tray making machine with manipulator clamp adopts pneumatic control, capable of paper clamping, paper release, automatic paper slitting, die stamping and heat forming, product ejecting and other procedures at one time. Various specifications of cake trays can be produced by means of mould changing. Customized machines are also available upon your request.

This paper cake tray machine is extensively used for tray production by using paper or aluminum foil. Round, square and abnormally shaped disposable trays can obtain by using this machine.

Key Characteristics
1. Combining pneumatic and mechanical theories, our cake tray making machine boasts higher speed, lower air consumption and more excellent operational safety performance than traditional machines.
2. Due to frequency converter, production speed and output can be easily controlled. Meanwhile, heating temperature realizes automatic control.
3. Automation of this paper cake tray forming machine is largely enhanced after adoption of manipulator clamp.
4. Mould replacement is more convenient thanks to heat stamping and forming technique.
5. The design of slide way makes operation safer and easier.

Main Technical Parameters

Feeding material size (unfolded) Diameter: 55-130mm
Rated production capacity 20-40times/min, 15-20sheets/time
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Power 2.5 kw
Weight 500 kg
Feeding material types Grease-proof paper, paper backed aluminum-foil, cellophane
Packaging size 1500×1300×1400 mm(L×W×H)