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Paper Bowl Forming Machine

The paper bowl forming machine is an ideal choice for manufacturing disposal paper bowl with PE coated paper. The manufacturing process includes automatic paper feeding (printed fan-shaped paper), preheating, sealing (bowl wall bonding), oiling (roll rim lubrication), bottom blanking, bottom heating, knurling (bowl bottom sealing), rim rolling (bowl rim), water level knurling, and bowl discharging and collection.

This paper bowl making machine is well received by virtue of the easy operation, stable performance, small land occupation, and high efficiency.

1. The paper bowl forming machine adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation device. So, users can adjust the production speed based on the actual demand.
2. The light-operated contactless switch is employed to inspect the operation of the paper bowl forming equipment. In addition to automatic shutdown, this device offers protection to the components, enhancing the stability and extending the service life of the product.
3. Safe and reliable, the bowl shaping unit for the paper bowl forming machine uses two independent cam driven units for driving of left and right side bowl chucks. This realizes noise-free operation.
4. Coming with automatic counting system, the labor intensity is reduced, and the production speed is improved, accordingly.

Technical Parameters

Paper Bowl Size 20-50oz. The mould can be offered based on actual demand.
Paper Material 140-350g/m2, single or double side coated paper
Production Speed 35-45pcs/min
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Total Power 8kW
Weight 1600kg
Overall Dimension 2800×1300×1700mm
Air Source Working air pressure: 0.6MPa, air consumption: 0.6m3/min (Air compressor is required)

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