1. Single PE Coated Paper Cup Forming MachineIt enables automatic paper feeding, sealing (cup wall bonding), oiling, bottom blanking, heating, knurling, edge folding, photoelectric detecting, fault alarm, counting, variable frequency speed regulation, etc. Undoubtedly, it is the optimal equipment to produce paper cups of tea, coffee, ice cream and other beverages.
    1. Double PE Coated Paper Cup Forming MachineMechanical probe-type detector is configured at bottom blanking section to guarantee detection accuracy and qualification of end products.
      Our double PE coated paper cup forming machine adopts ultrasonic wave system for paper cup sealing, making cups more perfect and artistic.
    1. High Speed Paper Cup Forming MachineThanks to the advanced hot-air system for the high speed paper cup forming machine, the paper cup produced has nice appearance, and the rejection rate is reduced, accordingly.
    1. Paper Cup Forming Machine with Handle ApplicatorIn addition to the paper cup with handle, this paper cup forming machine can be used for producing regular paper cup, satisfying diversified production demand. The product cost is reduced accordingly.
    1. Paper Bowl Forming MachineSafe and reliable, the bowl shaping unit for the paper bowl forming machine uses two independent cam driven units for driving of left and right side bowl chucks. This realizes noise-free operation.
    1. Paper Cup/Bowl Sleeve Forming MachineConveniently, the automatic suction nozzle for the paper bowl sleeve forming machine will suck the paper cup or paper bowl and deliver it to the sleeve.
      The sleeve and the paper cup will be bonded together with the pressure from the machine.

Paper Cup Making Machine

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