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Paper Box Making Machine

The paper box making machine can be used for manufacturing paper box made of paperboard and corrugated paper. It is equipped with electric cabinet, hot-melt adhesive or water-based adhesive sizing device, material feed unit, material conveying device, paper box forming apparatus, servo control unit, and forming mold. This product is applicable for producing paper box for hamburger, chips, and so on.

1. The food box making machine adopts electrical component from Omron, Schneider, Siemens, and Delta. The control system uses PLC and touch screen human-computer interface.
2. The water-based adhesive sizing device for the paper box making machine has high working efficiency and accurate sizing function. The gluing position is adjustable. Coming with reasonable design and compact structure, the glue feeding device is characterised by stable operation and convenient cleaning.
3. This paper box forming machine is installed with paper box conveying and collection device. A counter is available for convenient paper box packaging and labor cost reduction.
4. Engineered with tracking system and monitoring system, the paper box making equipment will shut down automatically if there is an error or paper jam, realizing cost reduction and high safety.

Technical Parameters of Paper Box Making Machine

Model FG-PB
Production Speed 60-160 pcs/min, depending on type of paper box
Applicable Paper Material 200-600g/m2 paperboard or corrugated paper with the thickness less than 1.5mm
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power 5.5kW
Box Specifications Length: 100-450mm, side inclination angle: 5°-40°, width: 100-580mm, height: 15-200mm
Packaging Size 2950×1320×1500mm (L×W×H)
Machine Weight 2200kg

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