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Flatbed Die Cutting Machine

1. The flatbed die cutting machine makes cost effective production a reality. It comes with tabulate structure and plate bed. Replacement of die-cutting plate is easy and cost-saving.
2. Its working speed reaches 20-180 times per minute, with die cutting area reaching 300×350mm. By adopting bottom-up operation mode and 4-axis linkage system, working pressure is more stable and
3. Automatic oiling after starting up is available for drive part, for our flat bed die cutting press is configured with automatic oil circulation pump.
4. Flatbed precision die cutting, material towing and slitting are computer controlled.
5. Three photoelectric detectors are used by this flatbed die cutting machine to ensure precise positioning of printed label edge and length.
6. One-time operation containing die cutting, slitting, winding and unwinding can be achieved.
7. This flat bed die cutter is the ideal corollary equipment for flexographic printing press and gravure printing press, suitable for label printing factories.

Optional Configurations
1. Hot stamping device
2. Punching device
3. Film laminating device

Technical Parameters

Model FG-RD320Y
Die cutting speed 20-180times/min.
Maximum roll width 320mm
Maximum die cutting width 300mm
Maximum die cutting length 350mm
Maximum winding diameter 450mm
Positional accuracy ±0.1mm
Total power 3KW
Power voltage 220V±10%
Weight About 2300kg
Overall dimension 3050×1200×1450mm