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Intermittent Rotary Die Cutting Machine

1. Our intermittent rotary die cutting machine is a new-type die cutter designed by integrating optics, electrics and mechanics theories. It is composed of 6 units, including unreeling unit, web guiding unit, film laminating unit, precision register and die cutting unit, slitting unit, product forming unit and rewinding unit.
2. This machine is available for either intermittent die cutting or rotary die cutting. For the former, the tension for winding, unwinding and web guiding should be consistent, and product dislocation won't happen during conveying.
3. We adopt magnetic roller for intermittent die cutting. You only need to replace die cutting tool without roller replacement when applying die cutting to different products. Intermittent die cutting mode is characterized by fast speed, high precision, easy operation and low cost.
4. Our intermittent rotary die cutting machine is perfect for large, medium and small volume label die when high-quality processing is required. In virtue of touch screen operation and easy roller replacement, die cutting efficiency and quality are largely enhanced, bringing more profits to you.
5. This device is optimal for printing factories. Besides, we also provide flatbed die cutting machine, paper roll die cutting machine and other machines to meet your special needs.

Application Scope
Our intermittent rotary die cutting machine is widely applied in following fields:

1. Adhesive products: Glue cushion for electrical products, silica gel paste, magic tape, conductive adhesive, double-side adhesive tape, adhesive tape of 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), sticker of Sony, adhesive products for backlights, films and autos, etc.
2. Dustproof materials: Cotton pad, high-density foam, cotton for filtration, dust screen, non-woven fabric, etc.
3. Shake-proof products: Resilient rubber gasket, rubber, transparent foot pad, Poron pad, 3M pad, anti-flaming EVA, PE, etc.
4. Insulating materials (I Grade): Our intermittent rotary die cutting machine is also applicable for fireproofing vulcanized fiber, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge sheath, pearl cotton sheath, etc.
5. EMI (electro-magnetic interference) shielding materials: Copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive fabric, wave-absorbing materials, etc.
6. Heat-resistant and thermal insulation materials: Silicone sheet, transparent mica sheet, fiber cloth, thermal insulation cotton and cloth, etc.
7. Paper packaging materials: Corrugated paper, wrapping paper, paper board, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model FG-JX320
Speed (rotary die cutting) 120m/min.
Length (rotary die cutting) 190.5-539.75mm
Speed (intermittent die cutting) 65m/min.
Length (intermittent die cutting) 100-350mm
Width for die cutting 300mm
Roll width 320mm
Unwinding diameter 600mm
Winding diameter 600mm
Positional accuracy ±0.1
Slitting width 20mm
Power voltage 380V, 3 phases
Overall dimension 2850×1000×1500mm
Total power 15KW
Weight 2400kg