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Rotogravure Printing Machine

The rotogravure printing machine is developed by virtue of in-house design capability. It comes with man-machine interface and touch screen introduced from Taiwan, making operation much easier. By adopting external heating mode, printing speed can maximally reach 120m/min. Thus, this rotogravure printing press is ideal for mass printing. Generally, it suits BOPP, PET, CPP, PCVD and composite films and paper.

We also provide gravure printing press with 5 or 7 motors. The maximum printing speed of that with 7 motors reaches up to 130m/min. If you are interested in our machines, please send enquiry to us.

Key Configurations
1. Main drive mechanism

Frequency converter of Yaskawa is applied to this rotogravure printing machine for motor control to drive each set of printing plate, which is power saving and fast for registration.

2. Shaft-free imposition mechanism
Air cylinder is used for printing plate imposition to drive mandrel. Transverse adjustment can be achieved by means of screw movement. Thanks to this imposition device, plate replacing time is largely reduced. Meanwhile, plate concentricity is well ensured and printing effect is improved.

3. Doctor blade
The doctor blade of our rotogravure printing machine is vertically and angularly adjustable, driven by dual air cylinders. Transverse shift can be realized via cam movement driven by motor. By adopting this doctor blade, the service life of printing plate is greatly extended.

4. Impression lifting mechanism
We make use of dual impression cylinders for pressure increasing and adopt magnetic valve for electric potential self-lock to protect against cylinder leakage and coming off. This mechanism well ensures pressure uniformity and effectively eradicates chromatic aberration.

5. Manipulator for color register
Our rotogravure printer utilizes computer for controlling synchronous motor. Meanwhile, the manipulator in decelerated motion is used for ball screw adjustment, thus realizing automatic precision color register.

6. Winding and unwinding mechanism
The rotogravure printing machine is configured with double-station winding stand, and winding is driven by torque motor. By virtue of automatic tension control, unwinding is achievable. Meanwhile, main motor adopts vector frequency traction control. Tonda motor, Fujikura cylinder, imported reducing valve and swing-type control line are also conductive to unwinding. This mechanism is suitable for high-volume printing, saving energy and costs.

7. Drying and cooling mechanism
External centrifugal fan is adopted for cooling. Three-level adjustment via electrical heated tube and cooling fin is achievable for external heating and cooling. In the meantime, temperature is regulated by intelligent temperature controller. The whole mechanism is power saving.

  • Distributor Roller
  • Video Inspecting
  • Drying Oven
  • Doctor Blade

  • Face panel
  • Printing plate
  • Rotational stand

Technical Parameters

Model FG-RO800 FG-RO1100
Printing width 80mm 1100mm
Printing speed 120m/min. 120m/min.
Diameter of printing plate 100-350mm 100-350mm
Diameter of printing material 580mm 580mm
Transverse regulation of printing plate 30mm 30mm
Printing perimeter 0.1mm 0.1mm
Total power 90KW 100KW
Weight 14000kg 15000kg
Overall dimension 11400×3200×2900 11400×3500×2900

Schematic Diagram

Printed Sample