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Fully Automatic Laminating Machine for Hot Melt Adhesive Film

The fully automatic laminating machine for hot melt adhesive film is a kind of laminating equipment specially offered for adhesive sticker production. This product is used to heat up the hot melt adhesive film and laminate it to the backing paper.

1. The drive system for the hot melt adhesive film laminator has the function of automatic backing paper unwinding, film lamination, and finished product winding.
2. The heating roller employs hot-oil circulation system, ensuring accurate
temperature for film lamination.
3. To eliminate backing paper deviation, reduce rejection rate, and improve working efficiency, the fully automatic laminating machine is designed with automatic deviation correction device for the automatic material feed system.
4. Fully automatic, the film laminator saves the labor cost, effectively.
5. Coming in compact structure and small volume, our fully automatic laminating machine has little requirement on the production area.

Technical Parameters

Model FG-FM320
Max. Paper Width 320mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter 600mm
Max. Winding Diameter 600mm
Laminating Temperature 0-120
Max. Speed 60m/min
Power 5.5kW
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 1700×900×1250mm