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Film Laminator

The film laminator adopts standalone tower-type material charging and discharging stands which are rotatable with double arms and stations. It is designed with automatic tension control system, hot air circulating system for pneumatically controlled dryer as well as double photoelectric detecting systems for automatic tracking and deviation rectification.

Highlighted by fast laminating speed, low noise, small energy consumption and less air pollution, this film laminating machine is well fit for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD and aluminum laminated films or paper sheets. It can be used together with our rotogravure printing machine whose printing speed reaches up to 120m/min.

Structural Characteristics
1. Drive section

Our film laminator makes use of double frequency converters for speed regulation in stepless way. The working speed of glue spreader and hot-air blower are synchronously controlled for operation harmoniousness. This method contributes to good energy saving effect, high regulation accuracy, high reliability and low maintenance cost.

2. Drying section
We equip the film lamination machine with ultrasonic wave sensor at drying tunnel exit for deviation rectification. This sensor has small size and low weight, easy for operation and conductive to temperature and humidity compensation.

The 9 meters long drying tunnel of this film laminator is divided into hot-air blowing section and peculiar smell exhausting section. The heating box consists of 4 sections utilizing stainless steel electrical heated tube and cooling fin for appropriate heating and cooling. Meanwhile, each section is designed with an air draft device for heat recycle, and peculiar smell is exhausted via exhaust manifold.

3. Glue spreading section
This laminator makes use of anilox roller and doctor blade for gluing adjustment. Transverse movement is driven by synchronous motor, and impression roller adopts dual cylinders for pressure increase. Meanwhile, shaft-free anilox roller installation and replacement are low-cost and convenient.

4. Hot-air blower and impression roller
The hot-air blower utilizes hot oil for uniform heating, saving much power. Temperature controller is also adopted. Dual air cylinders are applied to impression roller, the pressure of which is adjustable.

5. Material charging section
This dry film laminator comes with material charging linkage system driven by torque motor.

Main Technical Parameters

Model FG-LM800 FG-LM1100
Laminating layer 2 2
Laminating width 800 1100
Applicable charging barrel diameter 600 600
Linear speed of lamination 10-140m/min. 10-140m/min.
Total power 55KW 70KW
Weight 5500kg 6500kg
Overall dimension 10800×2140×3500 10800×2440×3500