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Flexographic Printing Machine for Paper Cups

1. The flexographic printing machine for paper cups with one printing station and one die cutting station can be used together with paper cup forming machine and paper cup die cutting machine.
2. Featured by wide printing range, no ink pollution, high economic efficiency and fast speed, this flexographic printing press enables consecutive paper unwinding, feeding, printing, polishing, IR drying, film laminating and winding, ideal for various printing factories.
3. Printing unit is capable of 360-degree registering adjustment and individual meshing or disengagement for independent or united printing.
4. This flexographic printing machine for paper cups is optimal choice for printing bills, cardboards, logos and adhesive materials. Besides, resin printing plate making machine and resin printing plate exposure machine can be made to satisfy your special requirements.
5. Material width for printing ranges from 320mm, 480mm, 650mm and 850mm, and material thickness should be within 0.35mm. The resin printing plate we usually used is 1.7mm or 1.14mm thick. In addition, this flexo printing machine enables multi-color printing (2 to 8 colors).

Performance Characteristics
1. By adopting the technology of stepless variable frequency speed regulation, starting current and voltage of main motor are well controlled. Meanwhile, voltage fluctuation of power circuit and energy consumption of centrifugal fan and water pump are largely reduced.
2. This flexographic printing machine for paper cups makes use of magnetic powder brake and clutch for material feeding and winding control. You can also configure it with an automatic tension controller from Japanese Mitsubishi.
3. Ceramic anilox roller is adopted.
4. 360-degree registering adjustment is available for our flexographic press. Meanwhile, printing units realize individual meshing or disengagement for separate or united printing.
5. The IR drying device for printing units boasts of fast drying speed, excellent drying effect and low energy consumption.
6. To simplify material feeding and winding operations, we adopt inflatable mandrel clamping device fit for roll pipe of large inner diameter. As inflation and deflation can be completed within several minutes, mandrel assembly and disassembly is easy and convenient, saving time, labors and costs.
7. When the flexographic printing machine for paper cups stops working, ink roller will automatically detach from the machine and come into low-speed running state, effectively preventing ink from getting dried.

Technical Parameters

Model FG-F850-4P
Color 24 colors
Printing speed 60m/min.
Maximum paper roll width 860mm
Maximum printing width 850mm
Maximum unwinding diameter 1400mm
Maximum winding diameter 1400mm
Printing perimeter 250-580mm
Registering precision ±0.1
Weight 6000kg