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Flexographic Printing Machine with One Die Cutting Station

1. The flexographic printing machine with one die cutting station is designed with a standalone stack-type printing unit, thus it is also known as stack-type flexographic press. It comes with printing station, die cutting station and web guiding mechanism, capable of material loading and discharging, infrared ray (IR) drying, reverse side printing and offset printing.
2. The material for printing can be 320mm, 480mm, 650mm and 850mm wide. Material thickness should be within 0.25mm. For film materials, 0.02 to 0.5mm thickness is appropriate. (The film shouldn't be stretched.)
3. Printing is available in single color or multiple colors (2 to 8 colors).
4. By utilizing printing roller and changing material conveying route, double-side printing is achievable.
5. This flexographic printing machine with one die cutting station is applicable for paper sheets, adhesive materials, films, tags, plastics, aluminum foils, paper rolls, etc.
6. Our flexographic printing press mainly makes use of resin printing plate (1.7mm or 1.14mm thick).
7. We also provide resin printing plate making machine and resin printing plate exposure machine to cater for your particular needs.

Performance Characteristics
1. Variable frequency speed regulation in stepless way is applied to main motor, and thereby starting current of the motor is well controlled. Meanwhile, energy consumption of centrifugal fan and water pump is largely reduced since frequency converter is adopted.
2. This flexographic printing machine with one die cutting station utilizes magnetic powder brake and clutch for material feeding and rolling control, making for stable operation. It also can be optionally outfitted with automatic tension controller of Japanese Mitsubishi.
3. The adopted ceramic anilox roller is durable, corrosion and abrasion resistant.
4. 360-degree registering adjustment is attainable for the printing units of our flexo printing machine, so each printing unit enables individual meshing or disengagement for separate or united printing.
5. Each printing unit is configured with 1 set of IR drying device featured by fast speed, excellent effect and low energy consumption.
6. Inflatable mandrel clamping device is fitted with roll winding and unwinding devices for convenient operation. Inflation and deflation can be completed within several minutes. Suited for roll pipe of large inner diameter, the inflatable mandrel clamp makes mandrel assembly and disassembly timesaving, laborsaving and cost-saving.
7. Once the flexographic printing machine with one die cutting station stops working, ink roller will automatically detach from the machine and start low-speed rotation to prevent ink from getting dried.
8. One-time continuous operation covering material unwinding, feeding, printing, polishing, IR drying, film laminating and winding is available. Besides, this flexographic printing machine has advantages like wide printing range, no ink pollution and high economic efficiency, ideal for factories for bill, cardboard and label printing.

Optional Configurations
The flexographic printing machine with one die cutting station can be optionally configured with following devices:
1. UV lamp
2. Video inspection system
3. Film laminating device
4. Web guiding mechanism
5. Corona treatment device

Technical Parameters

Model FG-F320
Color 2-8 kinds
Printing speed 10-80m/min.
Maximum paper roll width 320mm
Maximum printing width 320mm
Maximum unwinding diameter 600mm
Maximum winding diameter 550mm
Printing perimeter 180-380mm
Registering precision ±0.1
Weight 2300kg