Printing Machine Manufacturer

Through ingenuity and sincere conduct, FA GUANG has risen to prominence in the highly competitive field of gravure printing machinery. Our film laminator, slitter rewinder, and other professionally assembled products are guaranteed to perform with outstanding efficiency. FA GUANG--picture perfect.

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    1. Rotogravure Printing Machine

      It comes with man-machine interface and touch screen introduced from Taiwan, making operation much easier. By adopting external heating mode, printing speed can maximally reach 120m/min.


    1. Flexographic Printing Machine with One Die Cutting Station

      The flexographic printing machine with one die cutting station is designed with a standalone stack-type printing unit, thus it is also known as stack-type flexographic press. It comes with printing station, die cutting station and web guiding mechanism, capable of material loading and discharging, infrared ray (IR) drying, reverse side printing and offset printing.


    1. Flexographic Printing Machine for Paper Cups

      Printing unit is capable of 360-degree registering adjustment and individual meshing or disengagement for independent or united printing.
      This flexographic printing machine for paper cups is optimal choice for printing bills, cardboards, logos and adhesive materials.


    1. Intermittent Rotary Die Cutting Machine

      It is composed of 6 units, including unreeling unit, web guiding unit, film laminating unit, precision register and die cutting unit, slitting unit, product forming unit and rewinding unit.


    1. Rotary Die Cutting and Slitting Machine

      It mainly features fast speed, high precision, easy operation and excellent running stability. Meanwhile, it can achieve linear contact and high production efficiency with small die cutting pressure.


    1. Flatbed Die Cutting Machine

      Its working speed reaches 20-180 times per minute, with die cutting area reaching 300×350mm. By adopting bottom-up operation mode and 4-axis linkage system, working pressure is more stable and uniform.